O Ring Kits

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O-Ring Kits from FPE Seals are designed for a comprehensive range of industries, brands and applications are available for next-day delivery, both off the shelf and as bespoke items.

Available in both metric and imperial sizes, our boxed O-Ring Kits come complete with the most popular O-Rings needed for maintenance or repair and are ideal for mobile repair units and repair shops.

We stock a huge range of O-Ring and O-Ring Kits, including:

  • Maxi Plant Kit – suitable for ISO A Quick Release Couplings ¼” to ¾”; Auxiliary Relief Valves; SAE 3000 and 6000 Pump Flanges; Kontak Valve Blocks; Hose Assemblies; ORFS and QEW Quick Release Pressure Washer Couplings
  • FMK (Flange Maintenance Kit) – contains Flange Seals, O-Ring Kits, Bonded Washers and ‘D’ Seals
  • Maxi Imperial CBU – this Seal Kit was developed to complement the Imperial Maxi O-Ring Kits and contains 81 sizes of Contoured Back-Up Rings
  • Air Conditioning Kit – contains 600 HNBR (High Nitrile) O-Rings in 25 different sizes

In addition, we stock and supply standard box G & H O-Ring Kits; Copper Washer Kits; Bonded Washer Kits and Splicing Kits.

FPE Seals can also design and supply bespoke O-Ring Kits to meet any individual customer requirement.

Can't find what you're looking for? Our expert teams can source hard-to-find items or custom-manufacture a full range of parts and seals in metric or imperial to meet every customers needs. Contact us