Special Offers

Take advantage of our fantastic special offer.  

Throughout February, we are offering a 20% discount off selected Vibra-TITE products, designed to seal, cushion, insulate, temporary retain and control noise and vibration.

The discount applies to any order made in February for any of the following products, whiles supplies last:

PLEASE NOTE:  The prices as quoted on our web store already have the discount applied.

VC-3 Threadmate 1ml

VC-3 Threadmate 30cc

A unique reuseable, adjustable and removable threadlock that won't crack or shatter. Prevents fastener loosening due to shock and vibration.

Threadlocker High Strength 50ml

Threadlocker High Strength High Viscosity 50ml

Threadlocker Oil Tolerant 50ml

Permanantly locks nuts and bolts larger than 1/4" in diameter

Thread Sealant High Pressure 50ml

Creates an instant seal on threaded joints with high resistance to solvents.

Retaining Compound General Purpose 50ml

Designed to bond and increase shear strength on non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies.

Gasket Maker General Purpose 50ml

General purpose gasket maker that flexes with flanges.

Order today either via our webstore or contact us direct.

Look out for other special promotions on products that we will have running throughout the year.